Google Launches Another Social Effort with Google+

A while ago, an agency that offers SEO in New York wrote an article saying that Google Buzz’s launch strategy was not very well planned. All of a sudden a link appeared on millions Gmail accounts, which instigated a massive outcry about privacy because Gmail users’ recent activity was being broadcast for anyone to see. In order to avoid this faux pas again, Google+ will start out as invite-only, much like the early days of Gmail. And, just like Gmail, Google+ has been dubbed a constantly evolving “project” instead of a polished “product.”

So what is that evolution going to look like? Google+ takes some of the features that we love about Facebook and provides some innovative improvements. Circles lets you easily create different communication groups of friends through easy drag-and-drop, which means no more over-sharing through Facebook posts. The mobile integration, something that Facebook has yet to truly capitalize on, looks incredible through features like Huddle, which lets you text a group of friends instantly.

Lastly, Google+ is intended to be more of a blanket approach with a navigation bar that appears no matter where you are in your logged-in Google experience. This provides an amplification of your favorite Google products using social functionality (yup, that’s where they are going with the “+” name). Google Search gets new social content discovery with Sparks, Google video chat gets a twist with a feature called Hangouts, and now your Google account gets a more robust, visual Profile.

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